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Investment Planning

We provide a trusted strategy of investments.


Weekly payments in bitcoins

We pay weekly 1,9% of your current blockchain assets.


Low fees policy

We provide low fees policy or no fees for many actions.

What We Offer

Blockchain Investment Fund

Your money will be invested in different blockchain products.

Weekly payments

We pay 1,9% of your current portfolio in bitcoins


Your money diversified between different cryptoplatforms and other solutions, minimizing risk of third-party access.

Prepaid cards to use your money

With our partners we provide a VISA cards, allowing you to use your money.


Our board of advisors with more than 15 years of hedge fund managemnet provide us with lates news.

Financial Planning

We help you to fulfill your financial goals.


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Diversified Porfolio

Your money diversified between many money-making solutions.

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Contact us via and we will send you a detailed instruction.
The minimun investment period is 6 months. After this period you can withdraw your whole deposit or parts of it any time via request to private manager.
We will send you 1,9% in BTC (Bitcoin) of your current portfolio every week on Saturdays on specially created bitcoin wallet.
Recommended amount to start is $5 000, but it is negotiable.
You will receive 1,9% of your current balance every Saturday. For example if you invest $5000, in 7 days it will become let's say $5300 and you will receive 1,9% from $5300. Next week your balance will grow to $6700 and you will receive 1,9$ of that amount. All numbers in this example are only for demonstrational purpose, your balance will vary depending on current market situation and each saturday you will receive 1,9% of your current balance.
Managers of DigitalMoneyFund will get 2% of the Fund.
We create an account in for each customer. It is trusted and proved CryptoBank with hight security standarts. Money will be transfered on your personal coinsbank account and noone except you will get an access to that account. You can withdraw your balance via WesternUnion, transfer further to another BTC wallets or exchange BTC to EUR, USD or LTC and spend your money with a specially created VISA card as easy as any usual bank card.